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Updated: 10/8/2006

Name: Richard Dawson

Birth Name: Colin Emm

Born: November 20, 1932 in Gosport, Hampshire, England

Nickname: Dickie, The Kissing Bandit and Kissyface

Claim To Fame: While Richard has many memorable roles he is most remembered for the game show "Family Feud". His trademark, kissing all the female contestants, was one of the things that made the show a warm and friendly program, along with his quick wit, subtle jokes, and ability to make people feel at ease with being on camera.

Family Life: Gretchen Johnson (1991 - present) 1 child - Shannon
Diana Dors (12 April 1959 - 1966) (divorced) 2 children - Mark and Gary

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Info: When Richard was 14, he joined the Merchant Marines and served for three years. During that time he made money boxing. He had to lie about his age and remain tough so the older guys wouldn't hassle him.

In the late 1950's, Richard met a British actress named Diana Dors. On April 12, 1959, while in New York for an appearance on "The Steve Allen Show" (1956), the two were married.

Trivia: When Richard was 62, he hosted the third incarnation of "Family Feud" in 1994, but had only a short run. On April 6, 1981, the Johnson family appeared on Family Feud and Richard was introduced to 27 year old Gretchen. They had a daughter, Shannon Nicole, in 1990, and were married in 1991.

Once, during an interview early in the "Family Feud" run, he revealed that he enjoyed wearing and collecting T-shirts (a huge fad in the 1970s). Shortly after, the custom began of families on Feud presenting him a shirt early in the game, usually during the "introduce the family members" portion. As a result, he has one of the largest collections of unique and rare T-shirts in the world.

In an episode of the TV series 'McCloud' he was supposed to get shot with a blank gun. A piece of the blank went through his shirt and left a scar, which he said, when showing it to the girls, he got lucky.

Richard also enjoyed a brief recording career at the peak of the psychedelic era.

Is in the Guiness World Book of Records as having kissed more women than anyone else.

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Where Are They Now: Contrary to popular rumor, Richard Dawson is alive and well. I know I got many emails telling me that Richard has died.

The confusion may be that Ray Combs who replaced Richard killed himself. It was after this that Richard came back to host the show for a year.

Richard is currently living with in Beverly Hills, California with his wife. He is retired and enjoying it. His last TV jobs were when he narrated TV's Funniest Gameshow Moments and hosted a Family Feud Marathon both in 2000.

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