Sasha Mitchell (Actor) as Cody - Step by Step
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Updated: 9/20/2004

Name: Sasha Mitchell

Born: July 27, 1967 in Los Angeles, California

Claim To Fame: Sasha Mitchell joined the cast of "Step by Step" in October '91. His role of Cody Lambert reunited him with former Dallas co-star Patrick Duffy with whom he worked for two seasons playing James, J.R. Ewing's illegitimate son.

He played Cody from 1991-96 and after some personal problems (more about this below), returned for its final season in 1998.

From 1990-1993, he took over for Jean-Claude Van Damme in the "Kickboxer" movie series. Sasha was once an amateur kickboxing champion.

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Family Life: Jeannette Denise (1989 - 1997) (divorced)
Children: Pavlina Justine (b. 1988), Caroline (b. 1990)
Stacy (b. November 1996), and Ethan (b. 1997).

Info: Sasha had a few run-ins with the law all stemming from spousal abuse charges. He spent time in jail and was released early for good behavior... but then found himself back in the klink because he failed to show up for court-mandated sessions with a spousal-abuse counselor and a probation officer.

There are many rumors as to what really happened as far as the spousal abuse charges. Some say he was protecting his kids from his ex's drug induced abusive behavior. The people who believe this point to the fact that to this day, Sasha has full custody of his kids and his ex-wife has limited visitation rights.

Sasha had said his wife was addicted to drugs throughout their marriage, and that she physically abused the children, which caused him to intervene. He also claims that his wife then sold the spousal abuse stories to various tabloids.

Trivia: He likes hot and spicy Chinese food (with BIG red peppers) and ice cream.

Nickname: Sash

Favorite Quote: "Forget About It"

Has a giant tattoo of a dragon on his left shoulder

Sasha became interested in lifting weights right before making the kickboxing movies in the early 1990s.

Where Are They Now: Living in West Hollywood, California area with his 4 children and girlfriend Toni.

While he still acts and is trying to make a comeback (see list of credits) he also fixes and builds computers.

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