Shaun Cassidy (Singer/Actor) as Joe - The Hardy Boys Mysteries
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Updated: 05/07/2006

Name: Shaun Cassidy

Born: September 27, 1958 in Los Angeles, California

Claim To Fame: He was huge in the late 70's and early 80's due to his role in "The Hardy Boys Mysteries" and a string of pop hits.

Family Life: Son of actress Shirley Jones and actor Jack Cassidy.

Brother of Patrick Cassidy and Ryan Cassidy; half-brother of actor David Cassidy.

Married Ann Pennington in 1979. They divorced in 1993 and have two children together, Caitlin and Jake.

Married Susan Diol in 1995 but like his first marriage this one ended in divorce (2003). They have one child together, Juliet.

Info: Shaun's parents were stage and screen actors Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy whom were both heavily involved in the business.

He had a chance to star with his mother as James Preston in a summer stock stage musical production of "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever" to get a taste of acting. During his grad year, he decided to make some records in Germany and had a hit there called "Morning Girl" and appeared in TV shows with his hit there as well as in Australia. Then, in late 1971976, he signed up with agent Ruth Aarons and played Christopher Wentworth Hewlitt in a short independent film called Born of Water (1976) and successfully auditioned for the role of Joe Hardy in "The Hardy Boys Mysteries" (1977). In one particular episode of "The Hardy Boys", he sang some songs which led to many hits and of course just endeared him more to all the teenagers. (For me his brother David's posters were all over my walls).

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Trivia: When he was a pre-teen, he started a band called "Every Mothers Dream" and when his mother and half-brother, David Cassidy, were both starring in a musical TV sitcom called "The Partridge Family". He asked his mom to put him in some episodes and she refused because she wanted to encourage him to concentrate on his schooling. In 1972, he then sang in a punk rock band called "The Longfellow" which was short-lived.

His song, "Da Do Ron Ron" reached #17 on the German charts in April of 1977. This was the same year his half-brother's (David Cassidy) song "Gettin' It On The Street" reached #12 on the same exact chart.

Made his Broadway debut in Willy Russell's Blood Brothers with his David Cassidy in 1993.

Middle name Paul comes from his maternal grandfather.

Where Are They Now: If you like the show Invasion then you'll be happy to know that Shaun is the creator and producter of it.

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