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Updated: 8/26/2007

Name: Soleil Moon Frye

Born: August 6, 1976 in Glendora, California

Claim To Fame: At age eight, Soleil starred in the title role of 'Punky Brewster'. The show aired on NBC and in syndication for several years during the mid-1980s. She also voiced the lead role in the animated series 'It's Punky Brewster.'

Family Life: Jason Goldberg (October 1998 - present) 1 child, daughter, Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg born in 2005 (August 24th).

Half-sister of Sean Frye and Meeno Peluce and daughter of Virgil Frye.

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Info: Soleil Moon Frye began acting at the age of two, after seeing her father, veteran actor Virgil Frye, and brother, Meeno Peluce, on TV. Her father got her an agent, Herb Tannen & Associates in Hollywood, and her career soon took off. Her mother, Sondra Peluce, became her manager. At age eight she became known worldwide as the title character in the "Punky Brewster" (1984) series on NBC.

Trivia: Soleil means Sun in French... it is pronounced "So-lay".

Her mother named her Soleil Moon after the song "I got the sun in the morning (and the moon at night)" from the musical "Annie Get Your Gun".

At age 15, Soleil had breast reduction surgery due to breasts that were disproportionately large for her age and frame. The surgery was intended to reduce back pain. Her Measurements:
38DD-26-35 before the surgery and then 36C-24-34 after.

Dated Edward Furlong, in the early 1990s.

When Shannen Doherty left the series "Charmed" (1998), Soleil was one of the short list of actors considered to replace her. The role later went to Rose McGowan.

She starred in the television movie, I've Been Waiting for You (1998) (TV), where her character hunts a witch. Ironically, a few years later she joined the cast of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (1996), where she played the best friend of a witch.

Her husband Jason is executive producer of 'Punk'd'

She was one of the youngest directors in Hollywood history, directing 'Wild Horses' while only twenty-two years old. She also directed and starred in a documentary, 'Sonny Boy', which documents her father's battle with Pick's Disease, and a cross-country journey the pair took to her father's hometown.

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Where Are They Now: After having experienced superstardom at the age of 8 and a return to obscurity just four years later, Soleil has returned back and forth into the public eye.

One thing you may not know is that before she took the role of Roxie in 'Sabrina' Soleil got Dot-com fever (as did so many others) but Soleil was consumed by it. She co-founded the site, planned as a network to air fashion shows, concerts, and extreme sports events. Unfortunately, the plan was a failure: neither Soleil nor her partner, a former securities trader, had any experience in the Web industry, and the company went under in August of the same year.

Another business venture which seems to not have taken wings is her fashion line, Petite Moon

Her most recent jobs have been in voice acting. You can hear her in the animated series 'Bratz'. She also was in 'The Proud Family'... I mean her voice was!

She's also active with two charitable causes:
- Alzheimer's Association National Advisory Council
- Environmental Media Association Board of Directors

Soleil is looking forward to being in front of the cameras too and is hoping a role or two will come her way.

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