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Updated: 01/23/2005

Name: Susan Dey

Birth Name: Susan Hallock Dey

Born: December 10, 1952 in Pekin, Illinois

Claim To Fame: Susan has actually had two pretty popular roles, but the one that she will, in my opinion, be forever known for is that of Laurie Partridge from the TV show 'Partridge Family.'

Susan's other major TV role was in 'LA Law' as Grace Van Owen.

Family Life: Bernard Sofronski - (February 20, 1988 - present)
Lenny Hirshan (1976 - 1981) One daughter Sarah Hirshan born in November 1978

Info: Susan and her sister Lesley got their starts as models through their mother, who read an article on fashion modeling in "Seventeen" and decided to submit her daughters’ pictures to a top agency in New York.

It wasn't long after that that Susan made the leap into television as Laurie Partridge.

Born in Pekin, Illinois, but she only lived there only briefly before moving to Long Island, where her father was editor of a group of newspapers.

During 'The Partridge Family' Susan developed an eating disorder. Come to think of it, this may have been the first time I had ever heard of an eating disorder after reading about Susan.

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Trivia: Susan, as Laurie Partridge, popularized the poncho way back in the 70's (and they are once again the must-have stylish item).

There was much speculation on whether she and David Cassidy were ever 'involved' and for many years both kept mum. But David came clean in his book "Come on Get Happy: Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus"... and the answer is yes.

Where Are They Now: Of all the people I have written about I have to say Susan Dey has been the hardest to get info on.

She is still acting. Most recently she was seen in an episode of 'Third Watch' where she played a doctor.

Susan is the only Partridge to not appear in the new VH-1 show, 'In Search of The Partridge Family.' This was a reality show that searched for and cast the stars for a remake of The
Partridge Family.

There have been reunion shows also and Susan has declined to appear at any of them.

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