Susan Richardson (Actress) as Susan - Eight is Enough
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Updated: 7/10/06

Name: Susan Richardson

Born: March 11, 1952 in Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Claim To Fame: Susan is best noted for her role as Susan Bradfor on the TV show "Eight is Enough".

Family Life: Daughter, Sarah, born March 27, 1980.

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Trivia: Susan has had a bizarre life. She gained about 90 pounds with her pregnancy, and then turned to cocaine to help her lose the weight because she feared being fired.

In 1999, she suffered a nervous breakdown, and was hospitalized and placed on suicide watch.

Probably the most bizarre story surrounding her is her claim that in the 1980s, she was held hostage in Korea by filmmakers who tried to kill her.

There was no proof and she says that the disbelief of others in Hollywood is what ruined her career because she could not find work.

It is more likely that her acting career went town the tubes because of her bizarre behavior. She was on numerous talk shows in which this behavior was evident to everyone.

Where Are They Now: After many battles with addiction, she looks to have put those demons to rest.

She is living in Wagontown, Pennsylvania where it is reported that she is a caretaker at a retirement home. In her spare time she makes walking sticks for Veterans and the disabled.

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