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Updated: 5/27/10

Name: Ted McGinley

Born: May 30, 1958, Newport Beach, California

Claim To Fame: McGinley was a regular on big sitcoms like Happy Days and Love Boat, but it was his role as Jefferson D'Arcy on the television series Married... with Children that really made fans remember his name.

Family Life: McGinley is married to actress Gigi Rice and they have two sons.

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Info: McGinley got his start as a model, and it was a picture of him in GQ magazine that got him noticed by a casting director. He was offered the part of Roger Phillips in the comedy series Happy Days, a role he played from 1980-1984.

Next, he appeared in the motion picture hit Revenge of the Nerds as Stanley Gable, the head of the Alpha Beta fraternity. He later reprised the role in the third and fourth movies in the Nerds franchise, both produced for television.

Regular roles in television series including The Love Boat and Dynasty followed, leading to his famous role as Jefferson D'Arcy on Married... with Children from 1991-1997.

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Trivia: Attended the University of Southern California on a water polo scholarship.

Was a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity in college.

Played for the U.S. Junior National water polo team at USC.

Took a 16-year-old Brooke Shields to her Dwight Englewood senior prom in 1982.

"Patron saint" of the website "Jump the Shark" (a phrase describing an event in a TV show that marks the start of the show's decline) because of his frequent roles as a fresh or a replacement character shortly before the termination of many shows.

Is good friends with his Hope and Faith co-star Kelly Ripa. He has co-hosted on Live With Regis and Kelly several times.

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Where Are They Now: McGinley has had recurring roles on Aaron Sorkin's TV shows Sports Night, as Dana's boyfriend Gordon, and The West Wing as a TV news anchor. From 2003-2006, he played Charley Shanowski on Hope & Faith.

McGinley was a contestant on the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars in 2008, and was the second to be eliminated in the competition.

He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and children.

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