Valerie Bertinelli (Actress) as Barbara - One Day at a Time
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Updated: 11/6/2004

Name: Valerie Bertinelli

Born: April 23, 1960 in Wilmington, Delaware

Claim To Fame: Her role as Barbara Cooper on "One Day At A Time" was what made her a household name and America's teenage sweetheart.

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Family Life: Was married to Eddie Van Halen from April, 1981
to July, 2002. They have one child, Wolfgang born March 16, 1991.

Info: Her father was a General Motors executive and because of his job the family travelled through so many cities. In fact, Valerie still calls herself a "GM brat."

Trivia: Briefly dated director/producer Steven Spielberg in the late 70s.

Two of her closest friends are Faith Ford And Jane Leeves.

Where Are They Now: Valerie continues to act and if you saw the movie "Saved!" then you probably saw Valerie in a cameo as herself.

She has a home in Los Angeles and a production company (named Tuxedo Limited after one of the stray cats she's always taking in).

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