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Updated: 1/30/14

Name: Vernon Wells

Born: December 31, 1945, Rushworth, Victoria, Australia

Claim To Fame: He is well known for his role as "Wez" in Mad Max 2

Family Life: No info found.

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Info: Wells got his start in the 1970s, when casting agents selected him to appear in a theatre play. This kicked off appearances in Australian television commercials, print advertisements, local shows such as Homicide and Matlock Police and historical TV mini-series like Against The Wind, Sara Dane and All The Rivers Run.

His first film role was in the erotic fantasy film Felicity (1979), and later portrayed psychotic biker "Wez" in Mad Max 2 (1981). Wells spoofed this role in the 1985 teen comedy Weird Science, written and directed by John Hughes and produced by Joel Silver. He was chosen by Silver to play the role of Bennett in Commando (1985).

In the 1990s, Wells appeared in the short-lived television comedy series The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys, as well as the films Fortress (1993), Circuitry Man (1990), and Kick of Death (1997).

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Trivia: Refers to "Captain Bennett," his Commando (1985) character, as "Freddie Mercury on steroids."

Former SAS commando.

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Where Are They Now: Wells still continues to act on a regular basis. In 2013, he appeared in the sci-fi film Rise of the Dinosaurs, the Australian thriller Nowhere Else, and the movie short Black Asylum. He also appeared on an episode of the TV series Kickin' It as Grandpa McCrary. He voices many popular video games, such as The Ultimate Spiderman, and Dungeon & Dragons.

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