Alex Winter (Actor) as Bill - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
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Updated: 5/02/2005

Name: Alex Winter

Born: July 17, 1965 in London, England

Claim To Fame: Who doesn't know Alex from his role in 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.'

This was his big break and is still the role he is most recognized for.

Family Life: Sonia Y. Dawson (1995 - present) one Son Leroy, born 1998.

Info: Many people think Alex's career is somewhat of a failure because he hasn't come close to the star power of his 'Bill & Ted' co-star Keanu Reeves. But it appears that Alex is starting to get some attention as a director.

He was born in London. Since his parents were both renowned dancers, a life on the stage was pretty much a given for the young man. Moving to New York after his parents' divorce, he was only 11 when he appeared on stage alongside business legends such as Yul Brenner in 'The King and I', Sandy Duncan in 'Peter Pan' and Vincent Price in 'Oliver'

Trivia: For the movie 'Bill and Ted' Alex tried out for Keanu's role (Ted) and Keanu for the role Alex eventually won (Bill)... But they were eventually cast opposite what they tried out for.

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Where Are They Now: Has contributed and appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" frequently.

Nowadays he is making name as a young talented director/writer.

'Freaked' two-DVD special edition will be released (July 12), along with the dual-layer cover art.

Paramount and MTV Films have hired Alex Winter to pen "Napster: The Shawn Fanning Bio Project"

Alex has recently joined forces with a new production company. You can now watch some of his directorial works at:

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