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Updated: 3/16/21

Name: Brian Forster

Birth Name: Brian A. Forster

Born: April 14, 1960 in Los Angeles County, California, USA

Claim To Fame: Brian Forster is an American former child actor best known as the second actor to play the role of Chris Partridge in the television series The Partridge Family.

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Family Life: N/A

Info: Is an only child of Jennifer Raine and actor Peter Forster.

Through his mother, he's a great-great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens. And was born on April 14, 1960, 101 years (to the day) after the publication of "A Tale of Two Cities" (written by Charles Dickens).

He is also the stepson of actor Whit Bissell and stepgrandson of actor Alan Napier, who portrayed Alfred the Butler in the Batman television series (1966-1968).

Forster was a race car driver and racing instructor in Northern California, and continued to act in community theater there.

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Trivia: Despite rumors to the contrary, he is not related to actor Robert Forster.

Forster joined The Partridge Family in 1971, replacing Jeremy Gelbwaks, and continued until the show ended in 1974.

Appeared in a TV commercial for Kellogg's Rice Krispies (w/ Partridge Family co-stars).

In 2006, was nominated for a TV Land Award for Favorite Singing Siblings and Most Irreplaceable Replacement - The Partridge Family (1970).

In 2004, was nominated for a TV Land Award for Irreplaceable Replacement - The Partridge Family (1970).

In 2003, was nominated for a TV Land Award for Quintessential Non-Traditional Family - The Partridge Family (1970).

Has met numerous drummers who told him they were inspired to take up playing drums by his "The Partridge Family" character Chris. He embarrassingly admitted that he never actually learned how to play them, but merely "faked it" for the cameras.

Where Are They Now: There's not much info out there on what Forster is doing these days, but it does appear that he's still racing in Northern California; and we hope that he continues to act in community theater, and hopefully on television again soon!


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