Frank McRae (Actor) - Red Dawn
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Updated: 12/20/17

Name: Frank McRae

Born: March 18, 1944, Memphis, Tennessee

Claim To Fame: Known for over 40 film appearances predominantly as tough thugs, authority figures and even comedy roles.

Family Life: Sorry, no info found.

Info: McRae has acted in several productions over the years, including Red Dawn, Dillinger, Rocky II, Used Cars, Hazel in Cannery Row, The Wizard, License to Kill, 48 Hrs. and in *batteries not included.

He also paired with John Candy to play two tank soldiers in the cult classic 1941, and later as a "Walley World" security guard in National Lampoon's Vacation.

Trivia: Graduated from Tennessee State University with a double major in drama and history.

Was a defensive tackle for the Chicago Bears in the 1967 NFL season appearing in 6 games.

Got his part in Dillinger (1973) by standing in a production executive's parking space until he was granted a meeting.

Where Are They Now: One of his more recent roles was Cookie in the Hallmark Channel original films Love's Long Journey and Love's Abiding Joy.

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