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Updated: 7/31/23

Name: Hal Williams

Birth Name: Halroy Candis Williams

Born: December 14, 1938 in Columbus, Ohio, USA

Claim To Fame: Hal Williams is an American actor best known for his recurring roles as Police Officer Smith ("Smitty") on Sanford and Son (1972-1976), Harley Foster on The Waltons (1973-1980), and as the patriarch Lester Jenkins, the husband of Marla Gibbs's character, on the NBC sitcom 227 (1985-1990).

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Family Life: Williams has been married twice and has three children. In 1975, Williams married Gay Anderson, they later divorced in November 1976. In 1978, Williams married Dr. Renee Himesthey, later divorced in March 1984.

Info: In the early 1960s, he began acting in community theater in Ohio.

Williams worked as a postal worker and corrections officer before moving to Hollywood to pursue an acting career full-time in 1970.

Works on behalf of the Sickle Cell Anemia foundation, appearing as host of the annual Baton Rouge, LA telethon.

Hal Williams 3
Trivia: Met Marla Gibbs on the set of The Jeffersons (1975). Some eight years later, she would later co-star on 227 (1985), as his wife.

His acting mentors were the late Director, Ed Cambridge, of the famed Negro Ensemble Company and the late actor Robert "Bob" Nichols.

Best known for his roles as Lester Jenkins on the series "227", Sgt. L.C. ROSS in the feature film and tv series "Private Benjamin", and the role of "Smitty The Cop" on the tv series "Sanford and Son".

Hal Williams 4
Where Are They Now: Williams has a short film project, currently in post-production, entitled Goodnight, My Love.


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