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Updated: 5/02/22

Name: Heidi Swedberg

Birth Name: Heidi Swedberg

Born: March 3, 1966 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Claim To Fame: Heidi Swedberg is an American actress, and musician, best known for her role as Susan Ross, the fiancée of George Costanza, on the television sitcom Seinfeld.

Family Life: She was married to Philip Holahan from 1994 until their divorce in 2019; they have two daughters.

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Info: Daughter of Kay, a high school English teacher, and Jim Swedberg, a laser physicist.

While living in Hawaii, Swedberg grew up playing the ukulele.

Was raised in New Mexico and attended Sandia High School in Albuquerque from 1980 to 1984.

Moved to Kentucky, where she spent a year at the Actors Theatre of Louisville.

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Trivia: Her first film role was in Norman Jewison's In Country (1989).

She took a role on the long-running TV comedy Seinfeld (7 episodes in season four, 10 episodes in season seven, and in a flashback in season nine's 'backward' episode) as the unfortunate fiancée of George Costanza, who dies after licking cheap toxic envelopes of the couple's wedding invitations.

Initially she thought she was going to be playing Cosmo Kramer's love interest. It wasn't until midway through the fourth season that she realized it would be George Costanza, not Kramer.

Contrary to popular belief, her character, Susan Ross, was not killed off because her on-screen beau Jason Alexander disliked her. Alexander has clarified that he very much likes Swedberg personally and considers her to be talented, but was concerned her sense of humor and comedic style contrasted with that of the regular Seinfeld cast. He initially worried this would come across poorly, but eventually realized that her performance worked to the show's advantage, as Susan was not conceived as being a bad person, merely one who just didn't fit in with the Seinfeld gang.

In 1992, when playing a singer/songwriter for a television pilot, she began playing the ukulele again.

She plays and teaches ukulele and fronts and tours with popular kid's band, "Heidi Swedberg and the Sukey Jump Band". They have released two albums, "Play" (2009) and "My Cup Of Tea" (2013).

Swedberg appears at ukulele festivals and nightclubs with her other band, The Smoking Jackets, with multi-instrumentalists Daniel Ward, Craig McClelland and John Bartlit.

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Where Are They Now: Swedberg has been out of the acting game since 2010. Since then she has enjoyed her music career playing and touring with "Heidi Swedberg and the Sukey Jump Band". I could see Swedberg making a big comeback to television; maybe a guest spot on the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I can totally see that happening!


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