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Updated: 9/28/21

Name: Kelly Reno

Birth Name: Kelly Reno

Born: June 19, 1966 in Pueblo, Colorado, USA

Claim To Fame: Kelly Reno is a former child actor best know for the role of Alec Ramsey in The Black Stallion and The Black Stallion Returns.

Family Life: Reno married Lynette Tuttle in 1986. The two had three children: Ryan (b. 1989), Raelyn (b. 1993), and Justin (b. 1994). The couple later divorced in 1996. Reno then married Annette Crump in 1998 and later divorced in 2005. In 2007, Reno married Dawn Hickey and a still together today.

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Info: The son of cattle ranchers Bud and Ruth Reno.

Spent his youth riding horses.

Reno's acting career was cut short when he was driving a pick-up truck that got hit by a semi-truck. He had severe injuries and the long recovery time put an end to his acting career.

Worked as a cattle rancher for around 20 years.

In 1996, he got his trucking license and became semi-truck driver.

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Trivia: Reno was cast at age 11 in the role of Alec Ramsey, after responding to an open casting call, in the Academy Award Winning film The Black Stallion.

It took over two years to film.

Reno did nearly all of the action scenes in the movie.

In 1985, Reno appeared as an Alamo messenger who travels through time in an episode entitled "Alamo Jobe" in Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories.

Where Are They Now: Reno hasn't appeared on-screen since the mid-1980s, until his recent appearance in the 2021 film No Man's Law.


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