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Updated: 2/06/23

Name: Lisa Loring

Birth Name: Lisa Ann DeCinces

Born: February 16, 1958 in Kwajalein, Marshall Islands Died: January 28, 2023 in Burbank, California, USA (complications from a stroke)

Claim To Fame: Lisa Loring was an American actress best known for her work as a child actress from age six playing Wednesday Addams on the sitcom The Addams Family (1964-1966).

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Family Life: Loring married Farrell Foumberg in 1973, and had a daughter, Vanessa Ann. The marriage ended a year later. Loring married her second husband, actor Doug Stevenson, in 1981; and had a second daughter, Marianne, with Stevenson. Their marriage ended in 1983. In 1987, Loring married adult film actor Jerry Butler. Butler and Loring divorced in 1992. Loring was married for a fourth time in 2003 to Graham Rich. The couple separated in 2008 and divorced in 2014.

Info: Her parents, Judith Ann (Callies) and James P. DeCinces, both served in the United States Navy, and divorced shortly after her birth.

Her father was of Italian and Irish descent. Her mother was of German and Mexican ancestry.

She grew up in Hawaii and later moved to Los Angeles with her mother.

Her mother died of alcoholism in 1974 at age 34.

Her former husband, Paul David Sederman, is better known as porn star Jerry Butler. Loring met former husband Jerry Butler on the set of Traci's Big Trick (1986) where she did some uncredited work on the film.

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Trivia: She began modeling at age three and appeared in an episode of Dr. Kildare, which aired in 1964.

Loring was best known for her role portraying Wednesday Addams in the sitcom The Addams Family (1964-1966). She was one of the longer-surviving members of the show's main cast.

Credited John Astin as a friend and acting mentor who took her under his wing when she was six and was cast in The Addams Family (1964).

She later reprised the role for the TV movie Halloween with the New Addams Family (October 1977).

In 1966, she joined the cast of the ABC sitcom The Pruitts of Southampton.

From 1980 to 1983, she played the character Cricket Montgomery on the CBS soap opera As the World Turns.

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Where Are They Now: Loring had a stroke caused by smoking and hypertension, and died at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California, on January 28, 2023, at age 64.


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