Michael Dudikoff (Actor) - American Ninja
Updated: 4/4/13

Name: Michael Dudikoff

Born: October 8, 1954, Redondo Beach, California

Claim To Fame: He is well-known for playing the character Private Joe Armstrong in the American Ninja (1985).

Family Life: He is married and has two children: daughter, Nancy; son, Joseph Stephen Michael III.

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Info: Dudikoff was studying child psychology at Harbor College when he was discovered as a model. After some successful shows, Dudikoff found himself an agent at the Mary Webb Davis Agency in Los Angeles. He moved quickly to international print modeling and traveled between New York, Los Angeles, and Milan by his late 20s.

He began acting in commercials for comapnies like Coppertone, Coca-Cola for Japan, Army Reserve and Stridex. He got the part of Joanie's first boyfriend on the sitcom Happy Days, and went on to appear in Dallas, Gimme a Break!, and a movie-of-the-week called Sawyer & Finn.

In 1985, he played the character Joe Armstrong in the America Nina, which ended up being a five-movie series.

His other films include Tron (1982), Uncommon Valor (1983), Bachelor Party (1984), Avenging Force (1986), River of Death (1989), The Human Shield (1991), Chain of Command (1994), Soldier Boyz (1996), Bounty Hunters (1996), Ringmaster (1998), The Silencer (1999), In Her Defense (1999), Gale Force (2002) and Quicksand (2002).

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Trivia: Can speak some Russian.

owns two chihuahuas.

His father, Joseph Stephen Michael Senior, is Russian.

Plays tennis.

Has a beautiful retriever named Shooter.

Was initially dubbed a "Dean-Mcqueen," a cross between James Dean and Steve McQueen.

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Where Are They Now: Dudikoff now participates in martial arts, and is trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He trained with Rorion Grace and continues to be connected with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighting circuit.

He has a small cameo in the 2013 action movie Olympus Has Fallen.

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