Cleaner (2007)

Movie Title: Cleaner

Year Released: 2007

Rated: R

Runtime: 1h 28min

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller,

Director: Renny Harlin

Writer: Matthew Aldrich

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, Eva Mendes, Luis Guzmán, Keke Palmer, Maggie Lawson, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Robert Forster, Edrick Browne, Marc Macaulay

Review: A former cop (Samuel L. Jackson) now earns a living cleaning up crime scenes rather than investigating them. On his latest clean-up call he unknowingly participates in a cover-up of a crime.

Director Renny Harlin (Cliffhanger, Deep Blue Sea) has made a name for himself specializing in action movies, but with Cleaner Harlin mixes things up. Here he re-teams with Samuel L. Jackson for a third time; the first being The Long Kiss Goodnight, and Deep Blue Sea being the second) to do a character drama that becomes a compelling mystery thriller.

A fellow Celebrity Nooz reviewer told me that Cleaner only has a 17% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and I think that's a ridiculously low rating! I really enjoyed this movie and think it deserves a look. Samuel L. Jackson is great as a troubled man that tried to keep things neat and tidy in a world that is anything but...

I think that when you see Jackson and Harlin's names on this one you're expecting an action movie with bullets flying and explosions galore, which I totally get, but watch Cleaner for the great performances from Jackson, Ed Harris, and especially for Keke Palmer as Jackson's daughter. She is wonderful and their father-daughter relationship is what really makes this one special. The mystery really takes its time drawing you in and that's a good thing. This movie spends time building its characters, relationships, and mood which gets you to invest in the story, like all movies should.

So if you're looking for a slow-burn thriller that has great performances, interesting characters, and is well constructed then be sure to watch Cleaner.

Stars (out of 4):

Fun Fact: Principal photography was completed one day ahead of schedule, on March 15, 2007. It was also Director Renny Harlin's 48th birthday.


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