Fist of Legend (1994)

Movie Title: Fist of Legend

Year Released: 1994

Rated: R

Runtime: 1h 43min

Genre: Action, Martial Arts

Director: Gordon Chan

Writer: Gordon Chan, Lam Kee-to, Kim Yip

Starring: Jet Li, Chin Siu-ho, Shinobu Nakayama, Billy Chau, Yasuaki Kurata, Jackson Lou, Paul Chun, Toshimichi Takahashi, Yuen Cheung-yan, Ada Choi

Review: Chinese martial arts student Chen Zhen (Jet Li) is studying in Kyoto, Japan, when he learns his mentor has died in a match against Ryuichi Akutagawa (Jackson Lou). Returning home to the Japanese-occupied Shanghai of 1937, Chen challenges Ryuichi to a fight and easily defeats him. Concluding his master was set up, Chen has an autopsy performed. Meanwhile, word of his martial arts skill entices new students hoping to study with him, making his teacher's son, Huo Ting-An (Chin Siu-ho), jealous.

Fist of Legend is a high-flying martial arts masterpiece; plain and simple. The fight scenes are thrilling and well choreographed. Jet Li is spectacular and more than convincing as a martial arts phenom, seemingly destroying anyone who would like to take a crack at defeating him. Chen Zhen will defeat you 1-on-1, or maybe he'll just knock the block off your entire dojo in one fell swoop. The result here, is a highly entertaining action, martial arts flick with the added bonus of beautiful scenery and cinematography. Li's abilities, the beautiful Chinese landscape, and a story of both revenge and forbidden love make Fist of Legend a well-rounded film that all fans of martial arts films will surely enjoy!

Stars (out of 4):

Fun Fact: Jet Li plays Chen Zhen in this movie, a student of master Huo Yuanjia. Jet Li would then go on to play Master Huo Yuanjia in Fearless (2006).


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