Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006)

Movie Title: Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise

Year Released: 2006

Rated: Not Rated

Runtime: 1h 27min

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Director: Robert Harmon

Writer: J.T. Allen, Tom Selleck & Michael Brandman (based on the novel by Robert B. Parker)

Starring: Tom Selleck, Viola Davis, Kohl Sudduth, Orla Brady, Gary Basaraba, John Diehl, Debra Christofferson, Mae Whitman, Matt Barr, Edward Edwards, Brendan Kelly, Liisa Repo-Martell, Kerri Smith, Stephen McHattie, Maria Ricossa, Vito Rezza, John Beale, Steven Flynn, William Devane, Carolyn Fitzgibbons

Review: After getting settled in as the new police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts, Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) and Suitcase Simpson (Kohl Sudduth) investigate the brutal murder of a troubled teenage girl found floating in a lake. Without much to go on Stone digs deep to identify the victim and bring those responsible to justice.

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise is the third film in the series, and one of the best! It's definitely one of darkest, too. Tom Selleck, along with series regulars Viola Davis, Kohl Sudduth, Kerri Smith, Stephen McHattie, John Beale, and William Devane, have created unique, interesting, and indelible characters that you could watch again and again - and with most of them being in future movies, you can!

Selleck's Stone is so flawed, damaged, and rough around the edges that he's the ultimate anti-hero. This movie in particular really highlights Jesse's unstoppable drive and obsessive nature. While he investigates the murder and starts putting the pieces together he also battles the bottle and tries to keep his head straight. He starts to see a therapist played by the always amazing William Devane. Devane's Dr. Dix is a welcome edition to the cast of characters. And the fact that the character was a former police officer adds quite a bit more depth to Jesse, the crimes he investigates, and dealing with the personal and professional demons.

I don't really want to get into the plot out of fear of spoiling things. If you're a fan of Tom Selleck, Jesse Stone, or mystery/crime movies with great characters, smart writing, and excellent storytelling then make sure to check out Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise or any and all of the Jesse Stone movies. You won't be disappointed!

Stars (out of 4):

Fun Fact: The text that Molly Crane reads to Luther Simpson is largely the opening paragraph of Chapter Six of Robert B. Parker's book "Death In Paradise", combined with a phrase from the opening page of James M. Cain's "The Postman Always Rings Twice".


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