The Brothers Grimsby (2016)

Movie Title: The Brothers Grimsby

Year Released: 2016

Rated: R

Runtime: 1h 23min

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Director: Louis Leterrier

Writer: Sacha Baron Cohen, Phil Johnston, and Peter Baynham

Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen, Rebel Wilson, Mark Strong, Isla Fisher, Ian McShane, Gabourey Sidibe, Annabelle Wallis, Penélope Cruz, Scott Adkins, Rory Keenan, Lex Shrapnel

Review: Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen), a sweetly dimwitted football hooligan that has everything a man could want - 9 children and the most attractive girlfriend in Northern England (Rebel Wilson). Unfortunately, there's only one thing missing: his little brother, Sebastian (Mark Strong), who's been missing for almost three decades. Now, when chance brings these brothers together they must join forces to battle deadly assassins, global terrorism, and a toilet that just doesn't seem to want to flush.

I truly admire Sacha Baron Cohen. He has no shame in trying to make you laugh, and for the majority of the time, at his own expense. This movie is laugh-out-loud funny, but be's raunchy, vulgar, crude, bawdy, filthy, gross, risqué, foul-mouthed, dirty...I think you got the idea. I think what makes it so funny is the that you're not expecting the things that happen to actually happen. It's shocking, and it made me laugh. I definitely have a bizarre sense of humor.

The best part is Mark Strong as the secret agent straight man to Cohen's drunken boob. Strong is one classy dude and he is what makes this movie work. And Isla Fisher, Ian McShane, Gabourey Sidibe, Annabelle Wallis, and Penélope Cruz playing it straight also helped to sell this ridiculous movie. I really don't know how they all could keep a straight face with Cohen doing what he does best right in front of them. The man is a menace!

The Brothers Grimsby is also relentless in its pacing. It plays out like an action-spy-thriller with fast-paced action scene and equally quick comedy scenes. It never let's up and you'll miss a lot of the punch-lines if you're not paying attention.

So watch Borat help his Brit brother play spy and save the world in one of the most disgustingly, revoltingly, appallingly hilarious movies that had me laughing so hard I was snorting and crying from start to finish.

Stars (out of 4):

Fun Fact: Sacha Baron Cohen, who is eight years younger than Mark Strong, plays Strong's older brother.


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