X-Ray (1981)

Movie Title: X-Ray

Year Released: 1981

Rated: R

Runtime: 1h 29m

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Director: Boaz Davidson

Writer: Marc Behm (story by Boaz Davidson)

Starring: Barbi Benton, Charles Lucia, Jon Van Ness, John Warner Williams, Den Surles, Gloria Jean Morrison, Karen Smith, Michael Frost, Jimmy Stathis, Lanny Duncan, Marian Beeler, Elly Wold, Jonathon Moore,

Review: During a routine check-up, Susan (Barbi Benton) finds herself stranded in the hospital with a demented doctor that's not only stalking her, but murdering anyone that comes in contact with the panicked patient. But who could be after her? Is it all just random? Could it be her angry ex-husband? Or was it the kid responsible for a traumatizing childhood murder that Susan witnessed years earlier? Watch and find out... only the X-Ray will show you conclusive proof of the killer's identity!

This movie is pure trash, like many of the slasher movies that oozed out during the early 1980s. X-Ray, originally titled Hospital Massacre, is not scary, suspenseful, slick, or satisfying in any way. Well, Barbi Benton is easy on the eyes, that's something, but that's probably it. This movie is confusing, horribly edited, ugly, cheap, and worst of all - it's boring! I was so bored that I wanted the killer doctor to get me so I didn't have to finish watching this mutilation of a movie.

X-Ray is exploitation at its worst. The gore and kills are awkward and over-the-top. So much of the movie seems to be made-up on the day or right before they shot it. And, probably the real reason this movie has any notoriety is the fact that Playboy's Barbi Benton has an extended exam scene sans hospital gown. If it's meant to be arousing or sexy in any way, the film crew needs to take a class. That specific scene is so creepy and uncomfortable that I wholeheartedly felt that Benton was exploited so beyond anything that could be considered in the vein of good taste. And I know X-Ray is an exploitation movie - and it's a Cannon movie, but come on! Show just a smidge of class people! And if that nude scene can't save your movie from obscurity it's without a doubt D.O.A.

X-Ray is just bad, not good-bad, or so bad it's good. I would have rather had a colonoscopy performed by Captain Hook after two pots of coffee on three days of insomnia. Skip it. It's probably healthier for you and your entertainment palate. Sorry you were in this Barbi Benton. You're very cute, but you deserve so much better.

Stars (out of 4):

Fun Fact: This film was shot at night in an actual abandoned hospital.


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